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Oceana Villa & Suites

Oceana Villa and Suites is the ideal choice for couples, families or group of friends who want to escape stress-inducing routines.

Will embrace you immediately, as well as offering you warm and relaxing atmosphere necessary to enjoy your holidays.

Decorated in good taste and finesse while also providing all modern comforts.

In addition, a pleasant surprise awaits you on your balcony or the terraces, where the enchanting view of the endless blue of the Cretan Sea will take your breath away.

You will feel closer to nature than ever before and your pleasure will culminate when you first experience the magical sunrise in the caress of the gentle Cretan Sea breeze.

Here, hospitality comes as a standard, and “getting away from it all” takes on a whole new meaning.

Oceana Villa and Suites is ideal for couples, families, a group of families or a group of friends. Enjoy your vacation with your parents or with the rest of your family members while at the same time preserving your privacy just as you would at your own home.


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