Hospitality Industry and Marketing Strategies

March 27, 2019

Marketing is defined as the process by which companies create customer interest in goods or services (for example Hospitality Industry) … through which companies build strong customer relationships and creates value for their customers and for themselves.

The hospitality industry is very famous for its low profit margins and of course the high level of competition. Especially after the “AirBNB Effect” many new small business were created or promoted. The industry of professional Hospitality must look to differentiating themselves via marketing either online or offline.


Much of the future of hospitality marketing actually lies in two major areas: Technology, Creativity, and new concepts in the business model. Other aspects of more traditional marketing such as flyering and television, radio are still somewhat effective, however, many business have found it as less cost – effective as other sources of customer attention (for example online social media marketing).

Most Hospitality professional would rather do their job and not worry about the company website. Like it or not, most businesses need an online presence, a mobile presence, and a leadership that is in touch with how to get the maximum of technology to get the brand spread. According to web developers, content is king on websites of all kinds, and this is also true for rental homes sites. Having your marketing team focused on building a website is a better use of resources than the old way of advertising.

Mobile Marketing strategy and video strategy has become a very effective way to spread publicity about your business. If your marketing team can attached your hotel, rental home, or any kind of business with a video which goes viral, would have scored a major coup of comparatively little money.


Some of the above technological techniques can help build that very traditional staple of a successful business. A repeat customer already knows the business exists. However, with so many businesses in the market and so much content on the web, part of the marketing team is to connect feedbacks and experiences of previous customers who have had good experiences and remind them to the public. Technology should not just be used however it must be maximized through personalization.  The personalization of social media and email content experiences for customers are part of making them remember the business – and more important, they should also feel remember by the business.

To sumup, nothing adds to loyalty, enhances creativity, and maximizes technology like a great customer experience and an online review. Your business best marketing strategy, once a future guest has been attracted, is to ensure satisfaction in every element of service. Word of mouth is till one of the best drivers of business industry however the content is the king  of our 21st century for potential guest to find your business and finally book with you.

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