The new word-of-mouth is called “Online Reviews”

February 28, 2019

Your hotel / villa reputation is your brand. No matter your sales or marketing strategy, the travelers are more likely to trust their peers. In today’s digitally driven world, the feedbacks of your guests, both good and bad, travels fast.

In general sense, treating each of your valued customers right and try hard to offer them the best possible experience would lead to a great review which will define after few years also your brand. On the e-commerce business model this is what we call referral marketing.

It doesn’t matter if it is goanna be an online review, a social media comment or even a genuine conversation between clients, it would still stand as the best advertising for your online profile and your e-commerce business. All the owners, whether they are hoteliers or rental managers should make every single effort to generate these reviews, artificially or otherwise. Clients are likely to book something that has been recommended by the majority of visitors, friends or family members.

Many researchers easy say that online feedbacks would increase sales, but there are few processes which leads to this growth. A recent research on SEO ranking factors, brought out that your online reviews makes up 13% of your google search ranking. To fully understand how this impacts on your SEO, we should take into account four key factors.

  • Frequency: Really important factor would be how often new fresh reviews are being submitted. This would increase discoverability and encourage the trust of your clients.
  • Quantity: Google ranking counts on the quantity of reviews each property is getting per year. The number of your reviews tells google that your business should be shown to potential guests and grows your visibility on the searches around the world.
  • Sufficiency: Clients should be encouraged to write long form reviews with several details and not just simple one line feedbacks. This would make clients understand better your services, facilities and at the very same time are being used as keywords to get your property promoted.
  • Diversity: We very often meet owners who are complaining or getting depressed cause of a bad review they received. We all understand that we are unable to satisfy all of our guests and demands – however we should always try to. Although it sounds weird, it is important to have a mixture of positive and negative reviews. Receiving just positive reviews, can look unrealistic and on the other hand having just negative reviews – implies that many of your guests were not satisfied by your services or facilities.

Do we need a marketing expert to promote your properties? – NO!!
Referral marketing can be exceed by achieving your guests expectations. You need to go the extra mile and make things happened before your guests ask for them. This will increase your chance of sharing their experiences.

Start your day by targeting the exceptionally happy guests – keep your relationship alive during their whole stay and remind them how important is their experience with you.

Another important point would be replying back to your guests reviews and show them and your potential clients that their opinion matters.

A monthly social sharing newsletter – or memory sharing on social media would get the clients who have stayed with you to kick-start a conversation on medias. This will bring loads of data and make google ranking searches to include your property. Some of the conversations can also be considered as keywords.

When your work speaks for itself – better sales and customer retention will follow. Online reviews shouldn’t be underestimated and should always be considered as a marketing plan to grow your business.

Get your customers talking about you – build your brand today!!

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