Photography – First Impression counts

September 16, 2018

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” never fully made sense to many of you out there. Photography plays a huge role in brand marketing. Hotels with many high quality photos gains 94% more total views which will eventually lead to a booking than business with low resolution. Good or Bad Photography of your business can be the difference between a brand that flops and a brand that flies.

Get your clients attention. A sophisticated website, a great product or even gold-standard texts will not come alive without a imagery to match. Potential clients need this extra motivation which should be shown through your business photos in order to make your hotel presentation unique and finally lead to a booking.  Your photos should showcase your property in the best possible way and be used to highlight some key details or unique features of your hotel. The shots need to create a feeling and connect, expressing what kind of experience they will get during their stay.

TripAdvisor recently announced that travellers are 150% more engaged on listings with 24+ high quality photos, than those with only few of them. It is really important to keep the balance between the quantity and the quality of your online presence.

Great hotel photography is visually and aesthetically appealing while also communicating what guests actually want. The journey starts with branding and positioning – analyzing what guests want out of their hotel experience. Expanding hotel photography from the usual interior, exterior, and facilities pictures to amenities and hyperlocal attractions, sights and events within walking distance of the property opens up a whole new cornucopia of content.

Nearly all hotel brands promote glossy, insta-worthy images of events, facilities or unique services their hotel offers on social, but the most successful ones serve as travel influencers. They produce engaging content that inspires and provides a clear sense of what a stay would feel like. The top hotel brands on social media  recognize the importance of establishing an authentic and superior photography experience for their customers.

Remember that a photograph tells a story, a story about you and your hotel. Everyone want this story to be professional , convincing and emotion creating.

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